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Voters' Guide to the 2016 General Election

Welcome to the League of Women Voters Voters’ Guide to the 2016 General Election! The election will be held on Tuesday, November 8; you can register to vote until Tuesday, October 11; and early in person voting will begin October 11 as well.

To use this guide, refer to the left-side navigation links. You can visit pages for General Voting Information, Candidate Information, Ballot Question Information, and review this and past Voters’ Guides in PDF form. There are also links to other Leagues throughout New Mexico and to the national League of Women Voters.

League Office Open 8-5 Election Day

Do you have an election-related question? The League office will be open and the phones staffed all day Election Day, Nov 8, from 8am to 5pm. Just call 505-884-8441

Now, for some background information about the League, this guide, who to thank, who did the work, and the inevitable disclaimers...

About the League

The League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico is a nonpartisan organization that provides information about political issues and candidates for public office in order to promote greater responsibility and participation in government. Because the League is nonpartisan, it DOES NOT support or oppose any political party or candidate. It does publish and distribute factual information for citizens to use when preparing to vote.

About this Voters’ Guide

The information in this Voters' Guide was obtained by means of questionnaires sent to all the candidates, except those who are unopposed. Their answers are printed exactly as received by the League. Because of space restrictions, candidates are limited to a specific number of words. Also, lists contained in responses are converted to normal paragraph form. All candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the November 8, 2016 ballot.


The information in this Voters' Guide has been carefully assembled and compiled to assure maximum accuracy. However, the LWVCNM and the LWVCNM Education Fund assume no responsibility either for correctness of all the information furnished to the League by candidates or other organizations or for errors or omissions. In instances where there is a question of potentially defamatory content, the League will defer to the opinion of counsel.

This Voters’ Guide was Prepared By

The League of Women Voters of Central New Mexico Education Fund
Created and Produced byAutomated Election Services
LWVCNM EditorJosephine Porter
LWVCNM Assistant EditorAndrea Targhetta
LWVNM Editor Meredith Machen
WebmasterCheryl Haaker
Spanish Page TranslationAndres Sabogal
County Bonds and Ballot IssuesKaren Wentworth
DistributionMarilyn Fifield
AssistanceAlice Brasfield, Judith Binder, Mary Lynn Dahman, Norman Elliott, Sandy Firth, Karen Gatlin, Diane Goldfarb, Gayle Prinkey, Elene Gusch, Peggy Howell, Ida Humphrey, Leah Ingraham, Shirley Brog Kondo, Margaret Krahenbuhl, Sonia Lersten, Jeanne Logsdon, Lora Lucero, Dick Mason, Margaret Magee, Brenda McKenna, Sharon Moynahan, Mary Mulvany, Terry Quinn, Sandra Richardson, Mark Schechter, Mary Smith, Laura and Paul Stokes, Emilee Stone, Janice Strand, Meg Wente, Helen Wright, Cynthia Yabut and the many other volunteers who help with calling, proofing and distribution.
Information SourcesSecretary of State Bureau of Elections; New Mexico Legislative Council Services; Board of Finance Division of the NM Department of Finance and Administration; Bernalillo County Clerk’s office; Sandoval County Clerk's Office; Clerk's Office of the Supreme Court; Clerk's Office of the Court of Appeals; 2nd and 13th Judicial District Court Administration; Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court Administration; Bernalillo County Finance Office; Bernalillo County Public Information Office; Albuquerque City Council Services; AMAFCA staff; SSCAFCA staff; ESCAFCA staff

Thank you to our Donors

Thank you to Our Friends Of The League Who Support Our Education Fund, which publishes this Voters’ Guide.

Nusenda Credit Union

Jan Bray, Alice H. Brasfield, Sandra & Anne P. Browne, Sondra L. Eastham, Michelle & Don Meaders, Sharon Moynahan, Margaret M. Schmidt

Albuquerque Community Foundation, Ellen Evans, Janet & Robert Ford, Diane & Donald Goldfarb, Peggy Howell, Elizabeth Hurst-Waitz, Myra Lynch, John & Judith Minks, Barry & Roberta Cooper Ramo, George Richmond, Janice K. Strand, Andrea & Frank Targhetta, Betty Vortman, Dorothy Walton, Susan Walton, Roland Watkins, Margaret Wente, Karen & Steve Wentworth

Barbara Allender, Janice Bandrofchak, Kari Brandenburg, Harold & Betty Burnett, David L. & Mary R. Colton, Pauline Eisenstadt, Karen Gatlin, David & Tanner Gay, Mary Anne Giangola, Anne B. Gonzales, Jami Hart, Katherine B. Hauth, John Albert Hill, Ann King, Shirley Kondo, Margaret Krahenbuhl, Ken & Sonia Lersten, Jeanne M. Logsdon, Susan McKinstry, Ann E. Nokes, David & Susan Palmer, Leslie Phinney, Therese Quinn, Dorothy Reynolds, Clifford & Sandra Richardson, Merri Rudd, Mary H. Smith, Norma Timm, Charles Wellborn, Helen Wright

Norma & Tony Argo, Nadyne Bicknell, Judith Binder, Ruth Bouldes, Kathryn Colbert, A. Elynn Cowden, Kendall Crookston, Lani M. Desaylniers, DoraiFay Estrada, Jennice Fishburn, Lisa Franzen, Phyllis Frederiksen, Yolanda Garcia, Amber Gray-Fenner, Daveen Green, Margaret Rae Gutjahr, Donna Hill, Dixie Hornby, Ida Humphrey, Leah Ingraham, In Memory of Marie Ross Jachter, Carol Johnson, Joann Mercer, Marilyn Morgan, Nanette Morton, Gail Owens, Barbara Pease, Carol Pierce & Christopher Philips, Josephine Porter, Bethany Pratt, Margaret E. Roberts, Paula Rogahn, Gary & Shelly Shepherd, Jennifer Smith, Mary Ellen Smith, Aija Thacher, Nancy Tupen, Robert Williams, Robert Wilson, Mary T. Young