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The Voter: Newsletter of the LWVCNM

April 2015This is the big Annual Meeting issue! Be sure to bring your copy (one will appear in the mail) to Annual Meeting on May 2. The issue also details the month's four unit meetings, focusing on issues and bills that came up in the 2015 sixty day legislative session: environmental protection, health care, and League lobbying efforts.
March 2015Unit meetings cover government transparency in New Mexico, computer security, and a wrap-up of League lobbying action for the 60-day 2015 Legislative session; an invitation to A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, the League's annual birthday fundraiser, an invitation to LWVNM State Convention (volunteer to become a delegate! LWVCNM is entitiled to 10!) and two book reports on "The Military Industrial Complex" and "Organized Cybercrime" - and more.
February 2015Unit meetings focus on Immigration Issues, and a session with the new US Attorney for New Mexico. Articles include a reminder about League Day at the Legislature Feb 9-10, a message from President Andrea Targhetta on the League's proud history and the importance of its name, a call for volunteers to staff the office, another reminder of the LWVNM State convention May 16-17, a book report on The Organized Mind and much more.
January 2015Unit meetings will cover Legislative session and Education. Articles on Money in Politics, Help needed for NM Early Educators United election, President's message on keeping up with the 2015 Legislative Session, Reports from Voter Services and Membership Leadership Development, Book review of The Squandering of America, Proposed study of Public Banking, and notes on the May 2015 LWVNM Convention.
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